19 Feb 2008

Bottega Mi & Ti

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In Partnerschaft mit Usina, dem neuen Geschäft für Trenddekoration im Stadtzentrum, eröffnete das italienische Sterne-Restaurant Mosconi sein zweites Lokal. Das etwas lässigere Bottegga Mi &Ti serviert eine raffinierte italienische Küche in sehr modischem Dekor: Blick in die Küche hinter Glas, schwarze Möbel, dezente Beleuchtung…
Anregend ist auch die Lounge-Musik, die sich angenehm von der Musik in anderen Trendlokalen abhebt.

Die Karte bietet wie beim großen Bruder Mosconi köstliche italienische Küche, und das Feinkostgeschäft im Erdgeschoss wartet mit exklusiven italienischer Spezialitäten auf.

Good Idea : Erfreuen Sie Ihre Freunde mit einem Genießerkorb aus dem Feinkostladen - bis zum Rand gefüllt mit herrlich luxuriösen Produkte aus Italien.

Bottega Mi & Ti

8, avenue de la porte-Neuve
L-2227 Luxembourg

 26 26 22 50
 26 26 22 51

 Von Montag bis Freitag 12:00 - 14:15 und 19:00 - 22:00
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  • Jane: 2010-08-04 11:04:44
    I agree with Andy and Michel in general. Nice ambiance, nice decor, but OK food and average service. The dishes are rather overpriced. The pasta I ordered was not even "al dente" but undercooked and still too firm to eat. Michelin 2010's inspector might have been too hungry to make a proper judgment. Though, the ingredients were fresh, so I hope they will improve their dishes soon.
  • Michel: 2009-12-01 08:36:07
    I was there yesterday. Nice ambiance, without doubt. But if you really are hungry, don't go there. Unless you order 3 or 4 dishes. I got 6 (six!) raviolis filled with spinach and ricotta sprinkled with some butterdrops, nicely put in a diagonale on a rectangular plate. And this for 18 or 18,50 €. That's really a scandal. 3 € per ravioli !!!! And actually, mine at home are better. My companions took the daily dish for something around 16 € and got a meat ball with some mozzarella on it as a starter and after this a handful of pasta with a tomato-cream sauce. We finished our lunch in 5 minutes. Never again !!!
  • sophie: 2009-11-25 12:25:43
    I have to disagree so much! Food is excellent! And the Service very pleasant! I just love everything on the menu - traditional italian cuisine with a little twist. Cheeses are also excellent and a spencail mention to their tiramisu: to die for! Worth going again and again!
  • Andy: 2009-03-19 14:23:48
    This is one of the worst, over priced restaurants I have ever been to. "Elaborate Italian food", you have to be joking, what is elaborate about Ravioli with goats cheese? Even if it is hand made with cheese milked from a virgin calf on the premises, how can you charge €20 for just a simple pasta dish?
    I had a braised beef with creamed potatoes. Literally just that, two lumps of beef and two dollops of potato. €24.

    Which Michelin starred Chef came up with these recipes?? Wow the imagination!!! and as regards "very trendy ambiance" imagine opening a UK or USA interiors style magazine from 2001, or visiting some average new cafe in Paris in 2002, and there you have the decor.
    By the way, there were three of us for lunch and our food took 35 minutes to cook. This place is only for those who love the emperors new clothes..


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