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Bretagne Marché 6

Groceries / Delicatessen
Marylou’s Breton cakes
Marylou is a genuine Breton. And she shows this, with pride, by having the Breton flag on her market stall in Place Guillaume II. When you visit her stall, you’ll quickly find yourself in conversation… about her birthplace, Concarneau, about her dad’s fishing business and about Brittany and its culinary delights. You’ll find a selection of these specialities at Marylou’s stall, many produced by herself: the renowned Breton cake, “Gâteau Breton” available with or without fruit filling; “Palets Bretons”, a kind of biscuit (also available gluten free). As Marylou explains, many of the baked products are produced in the traditional way with salted butter, because it simply tastes better. And the caramel is also made with salted butter….now that tastes of Brittany! Pure salt is of course available, with the famous “Sel de Guérande“ coming in many forms from pure coarse-grained, to the hand harvested “Fleur de sel”. The famous tinned fish Marylou selects from “La compagnie brétonne du poisson”, one of the last family businesses based in the harbour of Saint Guénolé. From tuna in cold pressed olive oil, through five varieties of mackerel (including mustard sauce and Muscat wine), to sardines (filleted or whole). In the end, we choose a couple of the homemade jams: lots of fruit, little sugar, intense flavour. Marylou knows how to convince customers!

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Good Idea by the fans
Butlers Esch 3

Decoration shopping at Butlers in Esch/Alzette
This must be familiar to you…you only wanted to have a look but ended up buying something. At “Butlers” the danger of this happening is extremely high. On visiting this furniture and decoration shop, it quickly becomes clear that shopping at Butlers is a real experience. Accessories and decorations for the kitchen, bathroom and living room are displayed along with other gifts and furnishings. Butlers is also fun as a lot of the items’ character come from their special designs: sometimes funny, sometimes playful, or based on historic role models, and often adapted to the season. You can find another Butlers shop in Luxembourg-city!

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Central platform for delivery services from Luxembourgish Restaurants
Livraison 3
What to do, if you have a sudden craving over lunch or in the evening, but you can’t leave the office or your house? You order from one of the many restaurants in Luxembourg that offer...
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The exotic world of Madagascar
Tresors lointains 6
Treasures from afar brought close to hand: that is what you’ll find at “Trésors lointains”, a small boutique in Luxembourg-city, where the decoration and products transport you to...
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“Bonomeria“ – ice cream tasting at its best.
Bonomeria 6
“Gran Ducale“ is one of the ice cream specialities from “Bonomeria“. The name is not a coincidence, as Andrea Bonomi comes from Parma, a region that used to be a Grand-Duchy before...
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Let your stressed skin take a breather.
Maison de beaute 7
What should you expect from a good beauty parlour? An oasis of tranquility from our busy lives, high aesthetic standards, and of course you will be prettier when leaving! If these are your...
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Where French Café culture meets Nordic Design.
Cafe des Capucins 6
Unfortunately, when we visited the “Café des Capucins”, it was a bit too early to try one of the 30 varieties of gin that Christopher Rahmé has on offer. But the pleasant atmosphere...
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