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Wingman Luxembourg
The mission of Wingman ‎Luxembourg*‬ is to provide a safe, affordable and fast way for the residents of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to get themselves and their vehicle home safely after having a few drinks. You can call 30 min before your pick up: +352 691 46 46 48 or +352 27 51 86 00. Book in advance via this link. *Wingman Luxembourg is an initiative by Drink and Drive Luxembourg.

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Good Idea by the fans

Back to Luxembourgish roots: Dior.
It’s one of the big fashion names, and now it can be seen in the Luxembourgish capital: Dior! The French Prêt-à-porter brand has opened its first women’s shop in the Grand-Duchy. While the Dior boutique on rue Philippe II is somewhat more reserved than the mother house on the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, it is still a gem. The latest collections are presented in Dior’s luxurious and refined style. Grey and white are the dominant colours, forming the subtle background for other fashionable articles, from clothing to handbags or accessories. Dior also has a traditional relationship with the Grand-Duchy as since 1949 certain pieces of collections have been named “Luxembourg”. Fans of Haute-Couture will enjoy Dior’s new presence  in the country... Fashion history to touch!

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A treasure trove for wine lovers
Vinoteca 8
Wine lovers might shed tears of joy browsing here! Floor to ceiling bottles of wine, all in a very modern and appealing atmosphere. ‘Vinoteca’ based in Hollerich has opened a new...
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Artisanal candles produced in Luxembourg
Kaerzefabrik Peters6
Since 1885, a small workshop has been making candles using traditional techniques in Esch-sur-Sure (Sauer), the north of Luxembourg. The “Käerzefabrik Peters" took over this tradition...
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Find the perfect present!
Eicatcher Grevenmacher 7
Are you looking for presents? Then check out the shop Eicatcher in Grevenmacher. There you will find a varied range of great and fancy gift ideas. Eicatcher is operating its store in...
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Artistic glass is fantastic!
Millie Mack 6
Upon our first encounter, Luxembourger Millie Mack sat under the shade of pink blossoming tree in front of her atelier working on her next piece of art. The surrounding is purely idyllic...
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Portuguese Top Products in feudal charm.
Boni Mores 8
If you have ever driven through the country side in Portugal and stopped at one of the ancient vineyards, you will have experienced its feudal charm: dark wood, chandeliers, stone floors,...
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Pidal Walferdange
Pidal 7
"PIDAL" combines a spa retreat, fitness center, and overall wellbeing on demand! Tucked away in Walferdange, this diversified aquatic central point offers appealing cleansing rituals that...
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