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Cult Express 5

“Beep Beep”! The Cult-Express is coming your way! Named after the "Cult" Crémant from the house of wine, Domaines Vinsmoselle, in combination with this new bus by Sales-Lentz, is making a name for itself by serving as a "Disco/lounge on wheels”, whilst promising iconic evenings. Pimped up using a simple coach bus, the transformations are superb: a lounge bar with high-tech equipment. Luxurious, elegant and fine angles add charm to the interior at first sight. While the lounge area, dance floor and bar offer satisfaction for all, the “Cult-Express” is the place to be. Whether you’re celebrating an evening of unforgettable moments with friends and work colleagues, or organizing business presentations, workshops or exhibitions in an original setting – “the Cult-Express” is likely to quickly evolve into one of the most iconic party venues in Luxembourg.

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Good Idea by the fans

Gelato… New ice cream shop in Belair!
Family owned, run by two brave Italian brothers, this new ice cream shop is the result of a deepest passion for natural and fully hand made preparations. Ice cream based dessert and Italian gelato are unique, daily prepared and just made with real fruit and fresh ingredients; everyday you will find something new to try.

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Pure coffee, pure taste ... fresh from Esch / Alzette
Bobbocaffe 6
If you follow the scent of freshly roasted coffee to Esch-sur-Alzette, then you will inevitably end up at the "Babbocaffè". Luxembourger Saro Pica roasts samples of raw (green) coffee...
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Swim toward relaxation in the south
ouverture AQUASUD Differdange  - 24.1.2014
Even if Luxembourg’s south boasts no beaches, there’s a brand new awesome water park instead: the "Aquasud Differdange". Immerse into swimming pools, spa treatments and fitness...
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Casper’s Climbing Shop
Caspers Climbing Shop6
Reach for new heights and leave the daily pressures below, ‘cause climbing and outdoor sports like Bouldering (climbing without ropes on small rocks) is particularly popular and...
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A delicious view upon Luxembourg's history
Beim Siggy 5
When Siegfried acquired the Bockfelsen property in the year 963, he might have also stumbled upon a terrace with a view; the only thing missing would be delicious cuisine, which is why...
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Facebook-Quiz with the “Fitness Kompetenz Center”
Enter Good Idea’s “Fitness Kompetenz Center” competition until August 11th 2014, and get the chance to win… 6 Kettler Mini Side Stepper. Good luck! Kindly enter using your...
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