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Relax Max 4

Relax Max
Wish you could do something good for yourself, but just don’t have the time or energy to leave your four walls? Well, "Relax Max" is the solution to your wellness, at home! Easy breezy: Make your appointment via the Internet or phone, and a Relax Max staff member will come to your home - no matter where you live in the Grand Duchy. The necessary equipment is brought along, and all you have to is back and relax and let the massage or beauty treatment begin. Meanwhile, Relax Max’s wellness services extend to bordering France and Belgium. “Rendez-vous’s” can be scheduled every day (including Sundays and holidays) between 6am and 9pm. Take a wellness break! Relax Max helps you chase away your daily stresses whether you’re in the office, hotel or at events. What’s more, a selection of quality wellness related products are purchasable on their e-shop.

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I love lux Schueberfouer 2

Show your “love” for Luxembourg
Do you find Luxembourg appealing as well? Then show your "love" for Luxembourg by sporting T-shirts and accessories by "I love Luxembourg - T-shirts & more". Apparel that features designs and proverbs that are associated with the Grand Duchy: sometimes funny, sometimes ironic, but always unique! Proclaim your love! Learn more about "I love Luxembourg" here on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Trend location with a rustic feel
Fabrik 6
Where people used work up a sweat when hard at work, today's visitors to the "Fabrik" or “Factory” in Mersch, come to mostly dance up a sweat. While the beer serves as a cool-off,...
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Get „knitty“ with it online!
Mami et moi 3
Do you still recollect the knitted sweater, gloves or socks that your grandmother made you when you were a child? Hand knitted is totally "in" and fits the local consumer trend like a...
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High percentage rarities for your bar
Distillerie Diedenacker 5
Mariette and Camille have many years of experience in brewing these highly concentrated delicacies. This family owned distillery dates back to 1862. “Distillerie Diedenacker“ are known...
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Mamacita 6
“M” is for MMmh "Mamacita” – This recently opened Mexican joint, is bursting with flavor and good taste. Bringing sunny Mexcio to the Grand Duchy, enter to be welcomed by friendly...
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Facebook-Quiz with “ALaVita”
Enter Good Idea’s “ALaVita” competition until September 1st 2014, and get the chance to win… 1 out of 3 hampers. Good luck! Kindly enter using your computer. For direct...
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