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Purely organic at Alavita
"Organic" is more than just a word with seven letters ... a visit to Alavita in Junglinster will add meaning to the word. Find over 9,000 items from fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, baked goods, fresh meats and meat products, to dairy and frozen foods, as well as an extensive range of grains, toiletries and household items spread out over an 195 sqm. Many individuals have special dietary requirements and need to avoid certain ingredients. In comes Alavita and meets your dietary needs, since this organic supermarket carries gluten-free, egg-free, sugar-free and dairy-free products.

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Good Idea by the fans

Gelato… New ice cream shop in Belair!
Family owned, run by two brave Italian brothers, this new ice cream shop is the result of a deepest passion for natural and fully hand made preparations. Ice cream based dessert and Italian gelato are unique, daily prepared and just made with real fruit and fresh ingredients; everyday you will find something new to try.

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Healthy food encircled by a family atmosphere
Amapura 4
Just perfection on a hot summer’s day: a refreshing, organic vegetarian menu devoured under the shade of a parasol ... light, healthy, and with wholehearted taste! The recipe for the...
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Ready Coffeeshop
Ready Coffeeshop 3
Urban coffeeshop "READY?!" dedicated to making awesome coffee in Luxembourg. What we offer: Specialty coffees from all over the world, including single-sourced filter coffees and...
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Institut Aquene
We are a center with true principal and philosophy. "Aquene" is of origin an Indian name which has great significance “peace”. Beauty, for us is a synonymous of relaxation and...
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The bean surface up into the open!
Gemüse des Monats_Bohnen
Let’s get beanie with it! In its original form, this 8,000-year-old crop was once an integral part of any small garden, and is still grown across Luxembourg in its many different...
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100 % Luxembourg
100 Luxembourg6
An entire store displaying only Luxembourg products: that’s what we call “100% Luxembourg” along the Luxembourg banks of the Mosel and in the district of Grevenmacher. After moving...
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