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Small bags (pochettes) full of surprises.
Maybe you are already familiar with this concept. Through a subscription, you regularly receive small bags informing you of the latest trends in fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and gastronomy… Every month a surprise package arrives full of interesting products –now this is also available in Luxembourg! ”Janette” makes the selection and sends it to you in the form of “pochettes”. For 14 euros per month (plus postage) you will receive these lovely little bags of surprises containing 4-8 novelties (jewelry, cosmetics, accessories….). You can subscribe at under the category “Pochettes”… and the website also has other exciting tips. “Janette” also exists as a printed magazine, written in French, and has been published since September 2014.

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Good Idea by the fans

Montefiore (Bio et raffiné)
Amazing vegetarian restaurant ! Everything is fresh and Bio. It is clearly a must seen !!!

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Here’s to relaxation and lofty dressing!
Loft design by 7
Bare concrete, prominent black cables on pale walls all bathed in warm colours thanks to the lighting and furniture…”Loft design by” is the name of the loftiest shop in Uptown...
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Burst of color and Spanish flair in the middle of Luxembourg
Desigual Luxembourg 6
Granted, it’s subtly different ... Fans of the Spanish fashion brand "Desigual" will be pleased to know that the company is represented by its very own big flagship store in Luxembourg...
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Haute Couture for your “mini-me”
Sophiestication 7
Children's fashion by Sophie DeWalque has reached its catwalk maturity. Having gathered vast experience in the international fashion world whilst working in Paris, Genoa, Tokyo and New...
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A match made in heaven: street culture and luxury fashion
Smets BLK 5
It’s purely the charm that pulls you into this new men’s clothing boutique situated in the heart of the Lux capital. Behind the almost enigmatic name, "Smets BLK” encompasses trendy...
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Facebook-Quiz with the magazine “Janette”
GI_nouveau_Janette_quizz_fb 2
Enter Good Idea’s "Janette" competition until March 30th 2015, and get the chance to win… 1 subscription "Janette prend perpet’" (9 pochettes) (148,50€) 1 subscription "Je...
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