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Chocolate Company Bonn

Chocolate House Nathalie Bonn
Go and discover its unique chocolate flavors and the "Hotchocspoon" concept. You won't regret it! In front of the Grand Ducal Palace you will find "Chocolate House Nathalie Bonn". Small spoons are placed in flavored chocolates, ranging from 40% to 99% pure chocolate. For example, you can find ginger, pistachio, nougat, and cappuccino flavored chocolates. You can dip your chocolate spoon into a bowl of boiling milk and create the hot chocolate of your dreams. Chocolate House is a chocolate cave that will make your taste buds go crazy as you try to sample all the store has to offer!! We recommend you head to the quieter floor. There, you can sit around a big table with your friends and enjoy all the store's specialties.

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Good Idea by the fans

E-Shop for children’s clothing
Love at first site: Busy mums will sigh with relief to this new business concept of shopping for their children’s clothes online. At the "Lion in the wardrobe", you’ll find ready-to-wear apparel for girls and boys, as well as shoes and accessories. Selections of several different brands are on offer ( Bobo Choses, Petitbo, Minibulle, nosweet, Kids on the moon, Pola & Frank and more ), and they all share these common denominators: high quality, durability (i.e. surviving several rounds in the washing machine), comfort and good value for money. Easy as 1, 2, 3: After you’ve selected your favorite items, ordering and shipping is only a "click" away!

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Enjoy classic luxury nestled in the capital!
Hotel Le Royal 6
The 5 star hotel Le Royal is located in Luxembourg’s city center. High-street shopping, Unesco World Heritage sites and parks surround the hotel. The Kirchberg neighborhood’s congress...
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Straight to the source: an organic market on the farm
Shopping on a farm is nothing new in principle, and has pre-existed and been appreciated for many years, especially by those who are conscious about what they serve on their tables. A farm...
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Cult Express 5
“Beep Beep”! The Cult-Express is coming your way! Named after the "Cult" Crémant from the house of wine, Domaines Vinsmoselle, in combination with this new bus by Sales-Lentz, is...
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Welcome to the Vegan paradise
Happy Vegan Store 6
It’s with certainty that the new "Happy Vegan Store" is free of any animal products. "Not a single gram," as owner Claude Meyrer emphasizes – who is vegan since 18 years. Located...
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Facebook-Quiz with “relooKing & Queen”
Enter Good Idea’s “relooKing & Queen” competition until September 22nd 2014, and get the chance to win… 1 make-over day. Good luck! Kindly enter using your computer....
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