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Wingman Luxembourg
The mission of Wingman ‎Luxembourg*‬ is to provide a safe, affordable and fast way for the residents of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to get themselves and their vehicle home safely after having a few drinks. You can call 30 min before your pick up: +352 691 46 46 48 or +352 27 51 86 00. Book in advance via this link. *Wingman Luxembourg is an initiative by Drink and Drive Luxembourg.

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Beauty treatments
Book your next hairdresser appointment in Luxembourg online.
Founded in Luxembourg in 2016, Salonkee brings the simplicity and joy of online beauty-appointment bookings to the tip of your fingers. Salonkee intends to foster the time gaining, easy and secure possibility of our all-digital era to give you more time to focus on the important things in life: your personal beauty being one of them. Tired of spending hours looking for that very special beauty salon, the best haircut or the fanciest barber? Salonkee got you covered: user-friendly, fast, few-clicks reservation and the ability to search for the service or salon you actually need right when you need them! 24/7 booking right in the palm of your hands. Activate your personal E-Mail and SMS service right from your account and stay in control of your precious time: automated appointment reminders and summaries, editing and rescheduling - simple, fast and secure. Oh, and did we mention that all these services come at absolutely no cost? Salonkee: Well-being. Simplified.

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Your wellness day in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland.
Hotel Eden au Lac 6
A small breeze drifts up the mountain… we are on the terrace of the “Eden au Lac” Hotel and are enjoying the view of Echternach and the surrounding landscape. Today we are day...
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The ultra-chic Tara!
Tara Jarmon 6
Many of you (mainly the ladies) will know “Tara Jarmon“– presumably not in person, but the brand founded by this native-born Canadian. We particularly liked the beautiful clothes in...
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Wine tasting with a view on the Moselle
Bistro Quai 6
Consider a brightly lit futuristic building, a wonderful view of the Moselle stretching to the neighboring country, delicious wines from Luxembourgish vineyards, and tasty regional...
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Creative fabrics for your four walls
Boutique Lucien Schweitzer 7
Small plaid patterns are available only upon request at the "boutique Lucien Schweitzer" ... and that in a wide color palette. When it boils down to fabrics, Lucien Schweitzer is defiantly...
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Quesadillas, tacos and fajitas at "Mamacita"
Mamacita 6
“M” is for MMmh "Mamacita” – This Mexican joint is bursting with flavor and good taste. Bringing sunny Mexcio to the Grand Duchy, enter to be welcomed by friendly smiles, great...
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Sports and outdoor leisure goods at outlet prices!
Outletstore by Freelanders 5
Are you drawn to the outdoors? Are sports and exercise essential for you? While confronting your inner conscience may be tricky, the purchase of the right sports and leisure equipment can...
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