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Straight to the source: an organic market on the farm
Shopping on a farm is nothing new in principle, and has pre-existed and been appreciated for many years, especially by those who are conscious about what they serve on their tables. A farm shop concept viewed through an entirely new point-of-view, has now opened in Windhof. Farmer Guy Meyers has built a structure of at least 400 m² of retail space on his biodynamic farm, where consumers can purchase organic produce and dairy from Meyer’s farm, as well as other organic foods and organic cosmetics from Naturata thanks to a cooperation agreement. The "Naturata Bio Haff-Buttek Meyers Lagoon" is also host to baking bar and bistro area. A terrace with a children's playground is currently being completed. The highlight is the so-called "window to agriculture". The two large double windows were appropriately installed right next to the refrigerated display for dairy products. This way, shoppers are in contact with the "producers", in spite of the size of the farm shop guarantees: What’s more: Around 30 suckler cows and several calves reside in the so-called cattle enclosure (depending on the season).

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Good Idea by the fans

E-Shop for children’s clothing
Love at first site: Busy mums will sigh with relief to this new business concept of shopping for their children’s clothes online. At the "Lion in the wardrobe", you’ll find ready-to-wear apparel for girls and boys, as well as shoes and accessories. Selections of several different brands are on offer ( Bobo Choses, Petitbo, Minibulle, nosweet, Kids on the moon, Pola & Frank and more ), and they all share these common denominators: high quality, durability (i.e. surviving several rounds in the washing machine), comfort and good value for money. Easy as 1, 2, 3: After you’ve selected your favorite items, ordering and shipping is only a "click" away!

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Cherry tomatoes, “beef-steak” tomatoes ... it’s time for tomatoes!
Tomate 4
One might not believe, but tomatoes also have a "season". Moreover, they can be grown in this country during August and September without much effort and are especially delicious! “While...
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Burst of color and Spanish flair in the middle of Luxembourg
Desigual Luxembourg 6
Granted, it’s subtly different ... Fans of the Spanish fashion brand "Desigual" will be pleased to know that the company is represented by its very own big flagship store in Luxembourg...
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Stylishly unwind at this Hotel-Spa
Alvisse Parc Hotel Spa 5
Relax: take a few hours off and dive in the truest sense of the word ... at the new luxurious spa area of the Alvisse Parc Hotel. The centerpiece is the large indoor pool, which blends...
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mio & mio
MioMio 6
They’ve got rhythm, they’ve got style, they’ve got taste – who could ask for anything more? Framed with an exclusive, contemporary elegant touch, Resto-pizzeria-bar “mio &...
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Clothing made to measure at an affordable price
Les Nouveaux Ateliers 7
A Man of style often dreams of the perfect fitted suit or shirt. Now is his dream is an (affordable) reality, thanks to "Les Nouveaux Ateliers" offering the man of today, clothing made to...
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