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Tschiderer - French cuisine Yvan Mertens, the chef and owner of the restaurant, is proud to introduce its new restaurant to traditional lovers of good and refined cuisine. All dishes are prepared on the spot, which means that all dishes are cooked with fresh market produces. The menu is varied and specialties are preparations of fish and meat. All dishes are served with vegetables and toppings. At noon you can enjoy a daily menu with fresh and varied foods. Yvan Mertens adds a lot of value that the daily menu is always well balanced and the portions are big enough.

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Good Idea by the fans
Yileste Ville Luxembourg

YILESTE Luxembourg city
Yileste is a contemporary Women’s wear brand founded in 2012 in Luxembourg by the dynamic duo Stephanie Comes and Andreas Keitel. Modern Design aesthetics are built around a particular passion for geometry, arts and architecture. signature work-wear inspired pieces FUSED WITH luxury fabrics through minimalistic design give the stage to discrete yet uplifting details. SEASONALLY designed prints by STEPHANIE give the brand great stand out, completing this everyday Life urban influenced work-wear look. In house pattern making and fabric manipulation are the bedrock of Yileste designs. Fit is at the forefront of the design process. Yileste Luxembourg Collections state modern graphic elegance with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail creating silhouettes with a casual feminine charm. High ethical production standards and European sourced fabrics are crucial to the Yileste brand.

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“Electricity“ – through the city electrically.
Electricity 8
It all started with Segway-tours in Luxembourg-city, those unmistakable electric scooters that automatically balance you while moving you effortlessly around. As in many towns, there are...
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Hotspot with cool Sushi!
Oishii 5
In the newly designed square ‘Place du Brill’ in Esch-sur-Alzette, there is a Mediterranean flair at noon on this summer’s day. We are sitting in “Oishii“, a Japanese bistro that...
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A fruity adventure of a different kind … Luxembourgish Cider!
Ramborn 6
We step down into the dark cellar of a historic farmhouse in the idyllic Luxembourgish village of Born on the banks of the river Sauer. Old barrels line the humid walls and one can smell...
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All of Luxembourg under one roof
Luxembourg House 6
All Luxembourgish products under one roof?! Almost impossible to imagine, but now it is one step closer with the “Luxembourg House“! The shop in Rue de l’Eau, very close to the...
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Everything you need for ecological construction is at “Biobau”
Biobau 6
Organic food can be found in most shops these days. But if you also like to have organic products not just on your plate but also on your floor, walls, roof and facade, then the choice of...
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