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Annette Weber-Krier 4

Beauty treatments
Institut de beauté Annette Weber-Krier
‘Looking and feeling fabulous’ is top priority at this temple of well-being: The beauty Institute Annette Weber-Krier has been offering a variety of services for facial and body care since 1970. Boasting a wide range of high quality personal care products, and specializing in hair removal and anti-aging treatments, you’ll be fully relaxed under the gentle guidance of this qualified team. More and more people appreciate the benefits of beauty institutes as an ‘oasis of retreat’ from their daily stresses. Even the Grand Ducal family values and trusts the services of Institute Annette Weber-Krier, thereby honoring it with the „Fournisseur de la Cour“ title. Remember, the desire for relaxation, well-being and doing something good for your body has no age limitation. Customers entering this ‘soothing sanctuary’ are given the ‘royal treatment’. Even the modern man can’t resist a stop of indulgence at the salon! Waxing is particularly popular amongst the male clientele.

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Good Idea by the fans

A little oasis of calm and good taste.
The totally green terrace of this restaurant in Rollingergrund quickly lets you forget that the hustle and bustle of the Luxembourgish capital is so close by. „La P’tite Maison“ (in english: „the little house“) is a real oasis of calm and coziness. Inside you dine in a relaxing ambience accompanied by lounge music. Star-chef Paul-Henri Chahmerian has been welcoming his regulars here since May 2016. He comes from Lyon in France having perfected his skills in various top restaurants. You’ll immediately spot this when you taste one of his traditional dishes. French classics include pig leg filled with foie gras, Black Angus rib and sea bream.  Where possible ingredients are sourced locally and organically. As parking can be tricky, the restaurant also provides a valet parking service.

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Cosy living with the help of high quality Portuguese products
Sopihouse 6
What comes to your mind when you hear the word “cork”?  Most probably you’ll be thinking about bottle corks or possibly the fine wines that go with them. But cork is so much more!...
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Cooking made even better…
Fissler City Concorde 6
If you have some experience in cooking, you’ll know that good cooking utensils can easily become your life companions. And that quality quickly pays off. But today, what is even more...
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Find your dream wedding dress.
Bliss Bridal 6
The cork pops and the champagne flows. A young lady appears from behind the curtain of a spacious dressing room. Guests applaud….. No, don’t get us wrong, this isn’t the wedding yet,...
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A bicycle from Andy Schleck
Andy Schleck Cycles 8
It is a story full of hard work, sweat and dust, breathtaking scenic routes, amazing victories – and a bicycle shop. We have arranged to meet Andy Schleck, 2010 Tour de France winner, in...
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Model makers’ heaven
GB Jets Models 6
Oh to once be able to fly a plane or steer a ship… At “GB Jets Model’s” these dreams come true, well at least on a small scale. Here you’ll find everything that a remote can...
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Mediterranean cuisine and the Portuguese way of life in Lisboa II
Lisboa II 7
The restaurant smells of freshly grilled food, the waiters, dressed in black and white, serve fish and shellfish specialities, elderly men slurp a strong espresso at the bar…. You’d be...
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