Abbé Patrick Muller

Abbé Patrick Muller 1

What does the Schoueberfouer personally represent to you?

It’s definitely the biggest event of the year in Luxembourg! A time filled with much joy and moreover a time to meet friends.

How long have you been working at the Schueberfouer and what is your role exactly?

I am pastor of Schouberfouer since 11 years, in addition to taking care of the glacis chapel. There, I receive and welcome the visitors. As a pastor of the fairground, I conduct religious services. On the last Friday of the funfair for example, a thanksgiving service is held with the fairground artists and vendors. I always have an open ear to the artists and vendors as well as every visitor. The chapel is open until 22h, every Saturday, known as our “Open Chapel” campaign. By the way, the pastor position exists at the Fouer since the 70s. At that time, the church organized a child daycare during the funfair in collaboration with the residents of the district of Limpertsberg. Today, the city and Ministry take care of this.

What is the biggest challenge in your line of work?

Well, you’re constantly on call and have to be there for everyone. Sometimes problems can rises between the artists or vendors and tones can get tense. In my presence they are usually calm and quiet. In addition, sometimes it’s probably only during the Fouer that many people are in contact with the Church. This is certainly a challenge.

Were there any particularly striking or unusual experiences over the years?

In 2009, we were able to buy a stained glass window for the Glacis chapel together with the fairground artist and vendors. This shows that the church also has a voice, which of course made me very happy. The official Fouer-tour every year is always exciting for me … but somehow a mixture of fear and fun, so for the one or the other ride you have to overcome your fear.

In your opinion, what does a perfect day at the Schouberfouer look like?

It starts with good weather: 20 to 25 degrees and sunshine. I prefer to start the Schueberfouer tour a concession stand, with a Fouer aperitif so to speak. Then strolling with friends through the funfair and not skipping the Ferris wheel. This is for me the “greatest”, in the truest sense of the word! Also, a really perfect day is if at the end of the day there are no accidents to report!

The Schouberfouer described in one sentence…

Perfect opportunity to meet friends and deepen friendships!

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