04 Sep 2015

A feel good “Epicerie”!

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There were times when the small grocery stores in every village and town suburb provided not only local food supplies, but also acted as the meeting point for the area. “Eis Epicerie Zolwer“ Soleuvre (Zolwer in Luxembourgish) follows this tradition: a family atmosphere, essential local supplies, adheres to a sustainable consumer concept and is also managed as a cooperative.

This means that anyone can become a member of “Eis Epicerie“ and sponsor this innovative business idea, which in turn supports projects for reintegrating the long-term unemployed and also sponsors workshops for the disabled. Indeed, the latter provide the jam, chocolate, bread, eggs and cookies. Many products also come from local Luxembourgish producers, including cheese and other milk products, beers (most Luxembourgish brands are available in the shop!) and (organic) wines. Thanks to cooperation with the “CoLabor“ gardens, vegetables are supplied from only 3 kilometers away.

Since the opening of “Eis Epicerie“ in June 2015, the range of products has already grown to more than 2,000, which is in line with their long-term goal of providing a one stop shop for the essentials. Besides the extensive range of food supplies, there is also a corner with non-food products, including those from “Mamie&Moi”, Weltladen and Button Quilters, a small bistro as well as a children’s play-area and book corner (with a possibility to exchange books). Stop by; you will feel good!

Good Idea : The bistro offers daily specials selected from “Eis Epicerie” products. The home baked cake is highly recommended!
Save on packaging and buy the measure that you need. Weigh out your own rice, semolina, nuts, müsli amongst others.
The shop stocks many products produced in Luxembourg.

Eis Epicerie Zolwer

2, rue du Knapp
L-4465 Soleuvre

 +352 26 59 44 23

 Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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