20 Jul 2015

A new star in the vegetable universe: green cabbage

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Green cabbage, in summer? Oh yes! There are new varieties of cabbage that can also be used as tasty vegetables, even when it is not frosty outside. Green cabbage is currently experiencing a real boom under the American name “Kale“. Claude Kirsch from the Luxembourgish “Maarteverband” knows why: “Lots of people use green cabbage for smoothies or juices, sometimes mixed (for example with pineapples and apples), sometimes pure.”

It has become so popular because of its high roughage content and its detoxifying properties. This new star in the vegetable universe is actually an ancient vegetable, and an original form of cabbage. Besides being used for smoothies, it is often used in more traditional dishes. Claude Kirsch recommends this Luxembourgish variant:

  • Clean the green cabbage and coarsely chop
  • Dice onions shallots and some bacon
  • Sauté the bacon, shallots and onions in a pan with some oil, add the green cabbage
  • Let it simmer, but not too long so that the cabbage turns soft
  • Goes well with suckling pig ham and boiled potatoes


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Good Idea : Try green cabbage for smoothies or juices!
Thanks to new varieties, Luxembourgish cabbage can also be used as tasty vegetables in summer.

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