13 Apr 2015

Dandelions – they’re not only for bunnies.

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The names people use for April’s vegetable of the month are far from flattering: milk-witch, monks-head, pee-the-bed. They all refer to dandelion, which itself is derived from the French “dent de lion” meaning “lion’s tooth” due to the shape of the leaves. From the beginning of March to the end of April, this salad grows in abundance in Luxembourg and can be eaten as a delicious salad before it starts to flower.

Garden expert Claude Kirsch recommends dressing this salad with a simple vinaigrette made from oil, vinegar, pepper, salt and onions. The combination of raspberry vinegar and a neutral oil (not strong olive oil!) creates a special flavour. Add a hardboiled egg, bacon and a few croutons to round off your dandelion salad.

If you think this “light” version is not enough to get you through the day, add 3-4 potatoes for an extra portion of energy.  Mix the mashed potatoes with the vinaigrette – that’s the way the farmers did it in the olden days! So where do you find dandelions? One of the best places is the weekly market in Luxembourg-city where you can also discover many other good ideas. All the market events are listed in our agenda.

Good Idea : Towards the end of the harvesting (around mid-April) the flower bud starts developing in the roots. As long as the buds are closed, you can fry them in butter and sprinkle them over the salad. It adds a very nutty flavour.
Dandelions also grow in Luxembourg!

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