12 Aug 2015

Green leaved with a colourful stalk: Chard

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Our current vegetable of the month is more colourful than you would suppose, the big green chard leaves grow on either white, orange, bluish, green or red stalks. And everything can be used. For stalky chard, the focus, as the name suggests, is on the stalks; for leafy chard there are noticeably more leaves.

Be careful when you shop: local chard is bigger than the one imported from Italy. “This is due to the climatic conditions” explains Claude Kirsch from the Luxembourgish “Maarteverband”. This plant is particularly high in vitamin K, which is important for blood coagulation as well as bone formation.

And how does one use chard in the kitchen? As you can only use the small and young plants as a salad, Claude recommends fully grown chard as a classic vegetable side dish:

  • Clean the stalks and cut into 1-2 cm wide slices
  • Sauté an onion in a pan with some oil
  • Add the stalks and let them simmer for approximately 20 minutes, but don’t cook until soft
  • Add the leaves (either whole or coarsely chopped) for a short time; they will be cooked by the remaining heat.
  • Due to its mild taste, chard is suitable as a side dish for various main courses.


Go on; visit the weekly farmer’s market! Discover chard and many other “Farmer’s market Good Ideas”!

Good Idea : Try fully grown chard as a classic vegetable side dish!
In Luxembourg, chard is harvested from the end of May until well into autumn.

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