03 Jul 2016

New potatoes with colourful vegetables.

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Don’t be fooled! You recognise new potatoes by their skin, which is always so soft that it doesn’t need peeling –just scrub them, and the peel comes of by itself! When the first new potatoes of the year are served in Luxembourg, not much is needed to make them tasty: vegetable farmer Claude Kirsch from the Luxembourgish “Maarteverband” recommends melted butter and parsley.

This is poured over potatoes that have been boiled for 20-25 minutes in salty water. Ready! These would perfectly complement a veal stew or – for vegetarians – steamed cauliflower. Given that you also eat with your eyes, we recommend a colourful mix of cauliflower, taking advantage of the four different types of cauliflowers harvested over the spring and summer months: classic white, as well as orange, purple and green. The intensity of flavour also increases in this order.

Another tip from the expert: always prepare the purple cauliflower in a different pot, as the colour rubs off. Just think of mixing your whites with some purple, green and orange in the laundry – everything turns grey….

Go on; visit the weekly farmer’s market! Discover the new potatoes and many other “Farmer’s market Good Ideas”!

Good Idea : If you cook too much, use the left-overs the next day in a delicious gratin.
New potatoes are locally grown and marketed from june on.

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