31 Mar 2014

Nutrient-rich vegetable is trendy: “purslane”

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Have you ever wondered where the vegetables you buy week after week come from? Or whether it’s in “season”? Each month, we would like to share a series of articles on seasonal new vegetables that are locally grown and marketed. When it comes down to selection, Niki Kirsch and his son Claude give us a hand, as the Luxembourger himself claims that “vegetables are my life.”

Niki Kirsch grows vegetables and is involved in “Lëtzebuerger Maarteverband” – a local association which organizes fresh farmer’s markets throughout the country each week. High quality, attractive presentation of merchandise and good service characterize these markets.

What does Niki Kirsch currently recommend? “Purslane”, leafy greens which resemble lettuce, and whose leaves and stems are thick, crisp, chewy, and succulent, with a mild taste similar to watercress. It contains minerals that the body requires especially during the winter months. Purslane is available at the local farmer’s market each week starting from All Saints Day till mid-April.

So what to do with purslane?

Visually appealing and rich in nutrients, Niki recommends preparing purslane as a salad, mixed with lettuce, red sorrel and / or leafy rocket.

Claude recommends a soup:

  • 1 chopped onion, sautéed in butter and oil.
  • Thoroughly wash the purslane (350 gr serves 4) and add it along with a potato.
  • Fill with water and boil for 20 minutes.
  • Puree, season and bring to a boil once again … ready.


Go on; visit the weekly farmer’s market! Discover purslane and many other “Farmer’s market Good Ideas”!

Good Idea : The “revival” of a leafy green, locally grown and full of precious minerals.
This traditional but rather unknown leafy green can also be grown on this hemisphere in the cold season with little energy.
Purslane is locally grown and marketed.

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