10 Sep 2015

The season has arrived … for Luxembourg wines!

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As we bid farewell to summer, and the days start to get shorter, it’s time for the wine harvesting to begin. Each year, grapes are harvested for premium wines from vineyards along Luxembourg’s Moselle between Schengen and Wasserbillig.

The selection is wide and exceptional: Sparkling Crémant, elegant Rieslings, flowery White and Pinot Gris, exotic Gewurztraminer, fragrant Rivaner and powerful Pinot Noir, the regional specialties Elfling and Auxerrois, as well as the ice and straw wines, which are particularly suited for dessert. Experience this rich blend of flavorsome sensations only over Luxembourg’s uniquely compact surface area.

Three groups of producers determine the Luxembourg wine-production; “Les Domaines de Vinsmoselle”, a group of six wine cooperatives connected with 450 grape suppliers, a group of independent wineries, which includes 52 establishments, in addition to the wineries and trading houses, which joined forces in 1928, producing sparkling wines since the 1920s.

Inclined to (re) explore Luxembourg’s wine countryside? Then browse through our small selection of “wine” Good Ideas. Find useful information about Luxembourgish wine by checking out www.vins-cremants.lu!

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