21 Feb 2017

Trendy: Luxembourgish organic wines

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Wine production in Luxembourg has a long tradition and thanks to its high quality it helped to raise the culinary image of the country. But did you know that Luxembourg has also been producing organic wines since 1995? Have you already tried them?

With organic wine more in demand than ever, the number of organic producers and the area of cultivation in Luxembourg have also increased. ‘Herrenberg’, the wine growing area in Wasserbillig, is currently the largest area for organic wines in Luxembourg.

This organic innovation is being made to truly historic soil as monks from Trier first used it to produce wine 800 years ago; surely they did this without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. So reintroducing the greenery of local herbs and flowers to the vineyard is literally taking it ”back to its roots“. After all excellent quality soil is needed for an outstanding wine.

So what about having a taste of an organic Luxembourgish wine? You can find great selections at the following:


Alternatively, why not “rent a vine” in Luxembourg and produce your own personalised bottles? Have a look at this original Good Idea.

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  • Raphaël Hannart: 2018-06-12 11:31:33
    Coucou, je pense que vous nous avez oublié dans votre rubrique des vins bio au G.D. Luxembourg ;) On peut se rencontrer si vous souhaitez faire une dégustation 'découvertes' ;) a bientôt j'espère - Raphaël - Happy Duchy






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