21 Sep 2015

A fruity adventure of a different kind … Luxembourgish Cider!

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We step down into the dark cellar of a historic farmhouse in the idyllic Luxembourgish village of Born on the banks of the river Sauer. Old barrels line the humid walls and one can smell the history. Carlo Hein is quick to explain: many years ago cider had been produced here and since 2014 he has been producing Luxembourg’s first Cider once more, under the label “Ramborn“. He would like to bring the old farm house back to life and transform it into a production facility for different types of cider, together with tasting facilities.

A fresh wind is blowing through the Sauer valley cider producers well established estate and Carlo estimates the existing stock of standard apple trees to be in the region of 5000. Many are over 60 years old and he hopes that a well planned maintenance and reforestation project will prevent the fruit trees from withering and ensure continued bountiful harvests for the tasty cider. A pillar for the production is the “Rambo” apple; yes, that is really its name! And now you can probably figure out why the cider is called “Ramborn“… Carlo Hein studied at a renowned cider academy in England and can still count on professional help from the island when it comes to developing new types of cider.

Enough of this dry information though … tasting is better than studying! We tested the Ramborn cider at the recommended serving temperature of 2 C°. Clear, light in colour, fine bubbles, together with a fantastic taste of pure apples with several pleasing undertones, neither too sweet, nor alcoholic and bitter. A perfectly smooth taste! Now it is your turn! We are eagerly awaiting your “Ramborn experience”. You can also get Ramborn cider via internet, in selected shops and on different events in Luxembourg.

Good Idea : If you are looking for an unusual (culinary) present from Luxembourg, or you want to jazz-up your party with an original drink selection, try our good idea of Ramborn cider.
All apples are from ecologically productive fruit trees that are not chemically treated.
You can order the whole Ramborn assortment (different types of cider, gift boxes and accessories) in their own online-shop.
Luxembourg’s first cider is truly state of the art! For this year’s cider production, all parts of the process, from growing the apple to bottling the cider are united in Luxembourg.


23, Duerfstrooss
L-6660 Born

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