24 Jun 2015

Ancient European wine making tradition: Romanian wine.

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This good idea concerns a real rarity, a noble drop, not widely known in Luxembourg. “Vinsroumains.com” is a Luxembourgish online shop for Romanian wine run by Georges Lazu. He is a native Romanian living in Luxembourg since 1975.

He started to import his first Romanian wines seven years later following the request of locals. “Luxembourgers often went for a cure to Romania and really appreciated our wines”, Georges explains – with a glass of “Feteasca Neagra”, made from the country’s most renowned local grape variety. We did some wine tasting, discovering a whole new range of tastes: spicy notes, red berries, fine tannins. Georges composes his small but fine selection of white, rosé, dessert and sparkling wines on his trips through selected small first class wineries of Romania. And you can certainly taste the quality!

The wine growing tradition in this East European country is truly ancient. Did you know that both the Romans and the Greeks learned how to grow and make wine from the Romanian winegrowers? Not so surprising when you realize that the Romanian wine regions share the same latitude as Bordeaux in France. Take a look at Georges’ online-shop. A small selection of Romanian wines can also be found in two Cactus shops: Belle-Etoile and in Bascharage.

Good Idea : Don’t miss Georges’ tasting event on 23rd and 24th of October. Otherwise, simply contact him to arrange a date for your own wine tasting!
You can order your wine selection online and pay by PayPal. You can collect your selection from his warehouse, but for orders over a certain amount, Georges delivers in Luxembourg and the bordering countries.


25, avenue du Parc des Sports
L-4671 Differdange

 +352 691 515 885
 +352 58 02 64

 On appointment.
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