01 Aug 2014

Gelato… New ice cream shop in Belair!

by Andrea | 1 comment I’m the dealerUpdate

Family owned, run by two brave Italian brothers, this new ice cream shop is the result of a deepest passion for natural and fully hand made preparations.

Ice cream based dessert and Italian gelato are unique, daily prepared and just made with real fruit and fresh ingredients; everyday you will find something new to try.

Good Idea : The new real Gelateria in Belair!

Bonomeria - Gelateria Artigianale

4, rue Wurth Paquet
L-2737 Luxembourg

 +352 26 45 98 05

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1 comment


  • Frank: 2014-08-11 16:58:57
    Just two words: WOW! and YUMMY! Extraordinary exquisite ice cream, never had anything like that before.
    What a great discovery just few steps from my house in Belair! Thanks!

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