19 May 2014

High percentage rarities for your bar

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Mariette and Camille have many years of experience in brewing these highly concentrated delicacies. This family owned distillery dates back to 1862. “Distillerie Diedenacker“ are known for using untreated regional fruits from natural fruit meadows to infuse their particularly aromatic spirits and liquors. Incidentally, these spirits contain no added sugar and flavors.

Produced under state control and bearing the quality label of “Marque Nationale”, a particular passion underlines their specialty whisky called “Number One”, Luxembourg’s first and only whisky. Distilled from various grains, this whisky is aged in small oak barrels for at least five years. Are your taste buds tingling yet? It’s high time you pay Distillerie Diedenacker for some serious sample sipping!

Good Idea : Tour of the distillery in Niederdonven by appointment and taste their different products of course.
Diedenacker contributes to the preservation of old fruit trees by utilizing regional fruits.
Almost all the fruit used stems from their own orchards or trees of the region.

Distillerie Diedenacker

9a, rue Puert
L-5433 Niederdonven

 +352 26 74 71 08
 +352 26 74 71 08

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