15 Jan 2015

Spice up your dish with a splash of Luxembourgish mustard…

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If you put ”Moutarde de Luxembourg“, or rather ”Lëtzebuerger Moschter” (Luxembourgish mustard) on your dining table, you are adding a piece of Luxembourgish culinary tradition. Since 1922 the “Moutarderie de Luxembourg” has been producing this local specialty and the Munhowen family company currently produces about 270 tons per year.

It comes in 4 varieties: hot, medium hot, medium hot bio and “à l’ancienne” (traditional). The mustard is made from 3 different types of mustard seed with the taste having been developed to complement most Luxembourgish specialties. Have you already acquired a taste for it? You can find “Moutarderie de Luxembourg” products in most grocery stores and supermarkets.

Good Idea : Mustard adds a special flavor to most dishes. And so does mayonnaise: the Munhowens also produce 3 different types at the Moutarderie.
The organic mustard is sold under the “BIOG” label with the seeds grown exclusively in an area near the Luxembourgish village Wilwerwiltz. By the way, all the mustards are gluten free, they are suitable for allergy sufferers and also help to lower cholesterol.
The products from the “Moutarderie de Luxembourg” are 100% “Made in Luxembourg”. In 2015, two new sauces will be added to their range: ketchup and Andalouse.

Moutarderie de Luxembourg

21a, rue Gabriel Lippmann
L-5365 Munsbach

 +352 26 29 03 1
 +352 26 29 03 330

 Products are available in Luxembourg’s groceries and supermarkets.
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