12 Feb 2015

Yummy cookies – made in Luxembourg

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Thierry Li is a total cookie fan, but then again he is also quite different from any other biscuit lover: in 2012 he founded “Seabiscuit” the first socially minded biscuit factory in Luxembourg.

Why socially? Because Thierry works with handicapped people and integrates them into a working environment. Also important, the firm made it their motto to produce locally and without any artificial ingredients. Currently you can get eight different flavours of biscuits: pure chocolate, chocolate chip, caramelized nuts, lemon, chocolate & orange, rum & raisins, coconut and, since last Christmas, cinnamon.

Have you already tried them?! Here is the list of shops, where you can buy Seabiscuit products!

Good Idea : Locally, naturally and with solidarity … you will absolutely love these cookies!
Cookies from “Seabiscuit” contain no preservatives, colourings or palm oil.
“Seabiscuit” uses regional suppliers and more than 70% local flour, eggs and butter. The cookies carry the label “Made in Luxembourg”.


 +352 691 114 865
 +352 24 61 17 88

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