10 Jun 2013

Where to brunch in Luxembourg?

by Good Idea | Comment

It’s sommer, and if it’s also the weekend, how about spending a nice day with your family, partners or friends? Brace yourselves, because brunching is back! What a perfect way to “flake off” life’s daily stresses than to “chillaxingly” set about your day, accompanied with sweet and savory delights!

Let’s cut to the chase by acquainting you with a fabulous selection of the most sought after brunch spots in Luxembourg. Tastefully combine brunch with art at the museum of modern art’s „Mudam Café“, or chill-out with live music under the palms at “Boos Café”.

Be charmed by live jazz concerts and brunch buffets at the „Brasserie Neumünster“, hosted within the Neumünster Abbey in the heart of Luxembourg City’s “Grund” for a local touch. Uncover Good Idea’s trail of weekend brunch options and share your experiences with us!

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  • Schroeder Vince: 2013-06-07 15:32:36
    ahh bruncher quelle bonne idée:)!
  • Ailo: 2012-05-02 15:38:35
    Supeeeeer!!!! j'adoreeee le brunch!!!!!
  • mimi: 2012-04-27 08:12:54
    bonne idée les brunchs






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