16 Feb 2017

A Food Bar for vegan delights

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The moment you enter “Flowers Kitchen” you sense that this is not a classic restaurant. That’s why Maya, the owner, prefers to refer to her  ‘Food Bar’: on one hand it has a very trendy urban style and yet its cozy atmosphere makes you feel right at home.

Everything on offer in Flowers Kitchen is homemade, including the very tasty bread. The Food Bar works exclusively with vegan products, which does not mean that customers only eat vegan. “I would like to show my guests an alternative to classic food”, explains Maya. “If you acquire a taste for it, all the better but no one will be forced to convert here.”

Every day there’s a hot dish on offer, as well as several choices from the permanent menu. You can also enjoy the food and drinks as a take-away. You’ll find more insights into the culinary world of Flowers Kitchen on the Facebook page of the Food Bar.

Good Idea : Everything is homemade in Flowers Kitchen.
This Food Bar uses only vegan products.
You get homemade bread here.

Flowers Kitchen

7, rue Glesener
L-1424 Luxembourg

 +352 28 99 69 82

 Mondays to Saturdays from 7.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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  • To-Bio-or-not-To-Bio: 2017-02-24 16:07:43
    Vegan, d'accord, mais quitte à manger sain, les plats et aliments sont-ils bio ? Voire sauvages (sans aucun intrant chimique ni médicament, pendant ou après la culture) ?
    Après tout, il serait dommage de digérer convenablement des aliments empoisonnés par des pesticides, insecticides et herbicides,qui sont tous des biocides (littéralement des tueurs de vie).






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