31 Mar 2016

A taste of Brittany!

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Do you know the difference between a crêpe and a galette? The person who can both explain it to you, and serve them up for you to taste, is Jean-Baptiste. This Frenchman from St. Malo in Brittany has brought a new culinary breeze to Luxemburg with his restaurant “Matelots” (matelot = sailor).

But anyway, what really is the difference between crêpes and galettes? Crêpes are made from wheat flour and are usually served sweet whereas galettes are made from buckwheat flour (and therefore also gluten free) and mostly served savoury. Jean-Baptiste does not use any additives, letting the galette dough rest for 24 hours. Crêpe dough on the other hand is ready in an hour.

Similar to a pizza, all toppings are possible: Galettes with fish, meat, cheese or special sauces; and sometimes, for an extra special flavour, flambéed with calvados. You should try the crêpe variant with “Confiture de Fruitpotines”, a very special jam made from fruit and flowers. Add a tasty cider to drink, and you’re instantly transported to Brittany!

Good Idea : Enjoy tasty crêpes and galettes whilst being entertained? No problem, Friday is live music night in Matelots from7:30-10:00 pm. Various styles are featured from week to week.
With Bio-Cider you can savour rustic Brittany! And thanks to gluten free flour, food allergy sufferers can also feast in Matelots.


7, rue Louvigny
L-1946 Luxembourg

 +352 22 88 66

 From Mondays to Saturdays from 11 to 1 a.m.
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