06 Jan 2015

For those who love good food

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Tschiderer – French cuisine

Yvan Mertens, the chef and owner of the restaurant, is proud to introduce its new restaurant to traditional lovers of good and refined cuisine. All dishes are prepared on the spot, which means that all dishes are cooked with fresh market produces.

The menu is varied and specialties are preparations of fish and meat. All dishes are served with vegetables and toppings. At noon you can enjoy a daily menu with fresh and varied foods. Yvan Mertens adds a lot of value that the daily menu is always well balanced and the portions are big enough.

Good Idea : Food made with fresh ingredients and love by a very friendly chef who comes to great his customers.

Restaurant-Brasserie Tschiderer

5, rue de Tschiderer
L-9094 Ettelbruck

 +352 26 87 74 38

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3 comment(s)


  • Stephan: 2015-05-17 20:38:59
    Happ Guest, I go to Tschiderer often and the lady who serves food typically is the same, and I cannot agree that she ever shouted at anyone. Typically she is very quiet.
  • Ellie: 2015-04-02 23:24:58
    It's on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tschiderer/220894298065001?fref=ts
  • Happ Guest: 2014-04-05 10:19:16
    I used to be a regular customer but now I am avoiding this restaurant. The food is nice, BUT one of the persons working there, a native French speaker is extremely rude.
    She has the habit of literally shouting to the customers, and being rude even if she is the one who has made the mistake. (e.g. if she has mixed up reservations). She is nervous and in the verge of exploding all the time and when she feels this way she will insult you, not caring if you are the one who did sth wrong or not.
    If I was the manager of this restaurant I would give her a few tranquillisers before her shift before she insults all my customers.

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