17 Jul 2014

Supermarkets unleash „online shopping“!

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While the variety at a well-stocked supermarket will inspire you and shopping to your heart’s content can be a lot of fun – only if you have the time to spare! If time is of the essence, or your busy schedule keeps you on your toes, don’t despair there are many opportunities for you to purchase your daily condiments online. Luckily a range of grocery stores offer this service across the Grand Duchy. Here are a few tips:


This online shop offers American and Mexican products. The selection might be small but fantastic: Food, drinks, non-food items … Delivery is free of charge for orders valued at 50 € +, while a 5 euro surcharge is added for orders valued below 50 € in Luxembourg. Check out this webshop here.

Auchan Drive

Although the online version of the French Auchan Group doesn’t come close to the vast product range on site at Auchan Kirchberg, it does however offer over 12,000 products to choose from online. Here, you can “shop around the clock” and can easily pick-up your purchases 7 days a week at the designated pick-up centers located in Munsbach, Cloche d’Or, and more recently in Foetz. Check out this webshop here.


The celebrated Luxembourg supermarket chain Cactus first launched their online portal in 2011. Shop online as if you’re at the store, and have everything delivered to your home. A user-friendly menu will navigate you through the various departments, including special offers and newly introduced products, as well as a selection of “Traiteur de Schnékert” deli items. Also find a large range of organic products online! Check out this webshop here.

Delhaize Direct

Select your nearest Delhaize store, determine the pick-up time and off you shop! Like Cactus and Auchan, you can select from a large range of food and non-food items online. Your purchases will be ready for you to just pick them up from your desired branch of Delhaize supermarket. Check out this webshop here.


With 30 years of commercial experience laid behind this online grocer, Luxembourg’s shopping village the Pall Center is online! Buy a selection of food and non-food items, (excluding fresh produce) online. The focus is on regional products categorized as “organic”, “fair trade”, “gluten free” (about 400 products), and “vegetarian”. Shipping is free for all orders starting at 50 Euro. Check out this webshop here. 


This pioneer of online food retailing offers more than 4,000 products on their own online shopping portal today. Many local products are offered thanks to a direct cooperation with Luxembourgish manufacturers and producers. Free delivery throughout the country (with various minimum order values, dependable on your location)! Check out this webshop here.

Naturata Bio@Home

Luxembourg’s organic supermarket chain Naturata is also virtually available for you online! The product range primarily includes biological (organic) and biodynamic (Demeter) grown food, as well as cosmetics and dietary supplements. Filter your selection according to your dietary needs i.e. “gluten-free” and “lactose-free” etc. Delivery to your home takes place Monday to Friday in a radius of 25km around the Munsbach area. Check out this webshop here.

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  • Boitte Michèle: 2018-05-17 18:53:38
    Rendre visite en votre magasin, ne me pose pas problèmes.
    C'est même un plaisir que de parcourir vos rayons bien exposés.
    D'y découvrir un article auquel je n'aurais pas pensé. En fonction de son offre du mois et de sa fraîcheur.
    De choisir moi-même un produit selon sa date d'emballage et celle de " à consommer avant ...". J'adapte alors mes menus -, de la semaine, en y tenant compte.
    Un de mes produits préférés est manquant en rayon, ce qui peut arriver, je le remplace selon mon gré..
    Ce qui commence à me poser problème, c'est le transport de mes achats de ma voiture à mon appartement.
    Ne serait-il pas possible d'instaurer un système de livraison, dans un lieu défini en vos magasins, par vos jeunes gaillards à qui nous réglerions le montant des nos achats à domicile. Afin qu'il n'y ai pas de contestation possible. Plus une participation, bien logique, au frais du transport ?
    A méditer, Delhaize est à votre service.
    Cordialement à vous,
    M. Boitte






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