23 May 2014

Iconic “Minett” fashion from southern Luxembourg

by Sebastian | Comment I’m the dealerUpdate

It’s high time to kick-off…culturally, at least! Southern Luxembourg is commonly known as the “Minett” area due to its bright red, iron ore rich soil. Followed by several more or less friendly puns, one thing’s for sure: the “Minett” is defiantly in the inner trend circle.

The “Knätsch” store’s first creation; a cult T-shirts with the slogan, “Du bass am Minett BITCH” (You’re in Minett, Bitch) has turned into an overnight success. These t-shirts and other garments are printed in the Minett region, on quality cotton … often in collaboration with artists, but also upon request.

Good Idea : Add a personal touch to certain products by adding your date of birth or personal quotes.
Too much is never too good: That’s why production is made-to-order and deliveries are at least dispatched after five days.
Order your Minett fashion via Knätsch’s online store.
Created and printed in the south of Luxembourg: An absolute must for children from the Minett region as well as for all others with an iconic style!


 +352 621 798 904

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