30 Jun 2014

Revolutionize your style with Adélaïde!

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Is it time to revolutionize your style? Are you tired of strutting about in the same “dull” outfits? Don’t despair, style specialist and fashion consultant Adélaïde Dubucq is all geared up to spice up your wardrobe. Regardless of age and body type, Adélaïde guarantees professional style guidance, allowing you to feel confident by giving you a trendy makeover that’ll suit you.

Perhaps you’ve got all the fashionable basics in your wardrobe, but need a dash of inspiration on ways to artfully combine them? Adélaïde will gladly visit your home to help you organize your closets, whilst providing you with valuable tips on how to create great ensembles with existing garments and color combos, and shall proceed on a shopping spree if items are missing. Be astonished by what Adélaïde can accomplish for you!

Good Idea : Adélaïde will gladly visit your home to help you organize your closets.

relooKing & Queen

 +352 621 340 230

 By appointment.
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  • Floriane: 2015-04-20 20:17:45
    Vraiment une journée très agréable passée avec Adelaïde, elle a été d'excellents conseils (les tenues que nous avons choisies sont utilisées à 100% !).
    Depuis je conseille à toutes mes amies de tenter l'expérience :-D




  • Claudine: 2014-02-24 11:48:27
    D'Madame Dubucq huet mäin Kleederschaf anstänneg geraumt an si huet mir ganz gudd Iddien gin di genau bei mäin Type passen. Si bréngt et net nëmmen färdeg aus enger trister eng peppëg Garderobe ze maachen mee mat hir fillt een sech och vill méi selbstbewosst.

    "A recommander chaudement" :-)



  • Ornella: 2015-02-18 15:35:46
    Endlech eng nei coupe an en neie Maquillage.
    War ganz zefridden mat den Tuyauen.
    Merci Adelaïde

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