11 Jun 2015

BY SIEBENALER – Selfdesigned Prints/ Scarves/ Haute Couture

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BySiebenaler was born in 2012 by the desire to combine the artistic skills with my fashion studies. Making impressions, drawings, paintings and photographies wearable, a digital printed scarf collection in limited edition. Growing up in „ la petite suisse luxembougeoise“, Nathalie Siebenaler, is a luxembourgish artist/ designer / couturière.

Working as modéliste/styliste through different countries as Germany, Paris, Australia and South Korea, she is now living and working in Luxembourg. Each collection is the transformation of beautiful things, hidden in our every day life to an extraordinary design.

Beside the scarf collection you can also find wedding and evening dresses made-to-measurment. Your dress will be handcrafted step by step to your measurement with a lot of love for detail and tailoring. High quality fabrics will grow around you until it will be Your dress.

Good Idea : Need something special? A self designed artwork as a present, or a unique wedding dress. Getting curious?
In May 2015 By Siebenaler received the label MADE IN LUXEMBOURG  ensuring that the products stand for high quality.

By Siebenaler / Nathalie Siebenaler

 +352 691 685 559

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