17 Jun 2015

The first Luxembourgish Fashion Bus is on tour!

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Brand new and totally unique: the “Akabo Fashion Bus” is on tour in Luxembourg! An old bus has been transformed into a shop on wheels where you’ll find clothes and accessories for both women and men. On board: Lyne, Karel and a large selection of unique ecological and fair-trade fashion items.

For example wooden bow-ties from the brand “Be Wooden“, wooden sunglasses by “Palo”, skateboards redesigned as jewelry from “207”, or trendy flip-flops by “Souls” that gently massage your feet as you walk.

Like any normal bus, this one has a timetable, which you will find on the Akabo Fashion Bus website, telling you which of the Naturata shop’s parking lot it will be parked at and when. The bus can also be hired by the way, say for a shopping event with friends or work colleagues. All you need is a parking lot big enough for a bus, the rest will be taken care of by Lyne and Karel!

Good Idea : “Fashion on wheels“ is a totally unique concept. The ideas and the products on offer will fascinate you!
All the brands on offer in the Akabo Fashion Bus represent ecological sustainability.

Akabo Fashion Bus

 +352 661 801 259

 You can find the timetable on the Akabo Fashion Bus website.
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