07 Jul 2015

Visiting stylist Maddalena

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It was a lovely day in June, the sun and our host Maddalena were trying to outshine each other… Since 2014 this young Luxembourgish stylist has been established in fashion under the label “Manalena”; a combination of her name and the word “mana”, which in Polynesian philosophy captures the meaning of inner strength and positive energy.

Her first collection is a mix of classic and sporty fashion using original materials such as 3D-fabric, silk and neoprene. Special attention is given to small details such as embroidery or buttons with brand names with the clothes being manufactured in Italy. The label “Manalena” reflects a lot of the stylist’s personality, with each garment named after women who are important to Maddalena: Audrey, Valentina… varying from classic to contemporary over to elegant and flowery.

Currently Maddalena is working on her second collection, which features two garments created in partnership with other designers, “Mamie et Moi“ and Luxembourgish artist Eric Mangen. You can find the complete catalogue on Maddalena’s homepage. Maddelena is also available to present her collection at both small and big events.

Good Idea : On 9th of July Maddalena presents her new collection at Peppe Parola’s in the Grund.
You can order Manalena’s fashion online and have it delivered to your home.
All garments are designed by Maddalena in her studio in Luxembourg-city.


 +33 (0)6 51 27 18 61

 On appointement.
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