24 Mar 2016

Electrically charged fashion

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Under the brandname “vol(t)age” two female Luxembourgers design changeable, elegant and practical everyday luxury basics. In the new chic boutique not far from the Avenue de la Liberté in Luxembourg-city, you can look over the designers’ shoulders and experience the entire collection live.

The creations, especially their already recognisable “vol(t)age v-neck” scarves, have been called “accessoires à porter” and “electric basics” by the two sisters; designed to contrast with standard fashion basics and electrically charge your whole outfit. Coquette avertie, Animalistic nuptials, Wander woman, Paradise found, Libertine éclairée; just some of the names that stand for positively charged fashion. Made from refined material to boost the modern basic look, accessories such as cashmere sweaters can be bought at vol(t)age.

The name “vol(t)age” is in fact a play on the French words “volage” (light and changeable) and “voltage” (electrifying).

Good Idea : Besides the scarves there are three exceptional products you simply must take a look at: their own perfume “Eau électrique”, the reversible bags from the Parisian label “Le Facette“ and the very stylish vol(t)age “raincoat in a bag”.
Order the vol (t) age items via their own e-shop online. Payments can be made with ease via credit card and Paypal.
The elegant scarves and other handmade accessories (turbans, hats) carry the label “Made in Luxembourg”. Other vol(t)age creations are also designed in their own studio.


26, Rue Michel Welter
L-2730 Luxembourg

 +352 26 18 75 79

 On Mondays and Saturdays from 2 to 6 p.m.; from Tuesdays to Fridays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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