18 Oct 2016

Found it! Luxembourg’s true treasure trove.

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It was a men’s prison until 1985, but today it is one of the most idyllic places in Luxembourg City, a cultural center and a sought after meeting place: the Abbey Neumünster down in the Grund. In the room where prisoners used to surrender their belongings you can now find one of the most authentic shops of the capital.

“There is poetry here”, Aline Demangel from the Abbey-Boutique excitedly explains. How right she is … You will find various products from Luxembourg as well as the greater region. Aline is particularly proud of her exclusive selection of local goods – sometimes creative and refined, sometimes practical and sometimes simply beautiful. There’s fashion from various designers and brands; useful souvenirs such as cutting boards, tea towels …. emblazoned with national symbols like the Gëlle Fra (The Golden Lady) or the Roude Léiw (Red Lion); signed prints from Luxembourgish artists; small sculptures; pieces of jewelry; note books with pictures of Luxembourg on the cover; a wide selection of extravagant and artistic postcards; and last, but not least, cultural DVDs and CDs that are “Made in Luxembourg”.

This is an ideal shop to visit when you are not sure exactly what you want to buy.  The place, the room, the choice and the advice, all invite you to take your time and properly discover Luxembourg from completely new perspectives. A little tip at the end: as parking is tricky, best use the nearby underground parking of “Saint Esprit” and take the lift down to the Grund or use the underground parking “Brasserie” next to the Rives de Clausen.

Good Idea : A very special product is the “nectar of Melusina” produced from the honey bees on the opposite bank of the Alzette that runs by the Abbey.
This really is a treasure trove of local products.

Boutique Neimënster

28, rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg

 +352 26 20 52 975

 Tuesdays to Sundays from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m.; if the door is closed, please contact the reception.
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