19 Dec 2011

A work of art

by Inam Malik | 1 comment I’m the dealerUpdate

Hand-carved leather is not embossed, synthetic or artificial machine operated leather. It is real cowhide/goat skin called -tooling leather. This leather is always top grade, much more durable, longer lasting & is designed to hold a carved image. Hand carved leather is actually done individually, by skilled artisan’s hands! Each detail is carefully considered and added with delicate leather tools. Every stroke of the blade that creates the basis of the design, placement of the tool, swing of the mallet, even the type and weight of leather – carefully considered to produce a leather product, a work of art designed for refining tastes – for distinguished people.

A work of art

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1 comment


  • Miriam: 2011-12-19 12:19:51
    Hey Inam! Thanks for the info! But where can i find these art works?

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