07 Jun 2015

Quesadillas, tacos and fajitas at “Mamacita”

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“M” is for MMmh “Mamacita” – This Mexican joint is bursting with flavor and good taste. Bringing sunny Mexcio to the Grand Duchy, enter to be welcomed by friendly smiles, great service and delicious cocktails while you wait for your table.

This one story resto-bar has a comforting nature and serves mouth-watering dishes that’ll leave your taste buds craving MORE! With a simple yet tasteful interior, the flavor rests its friendly and laid-back ambiance. Great for a pre-dinner culinary tease – their house Guacamole is sublime paired with their popular Mojito Kracke. Feeling peckish? Choose from a great variety of quesadillas, tacos and fajitas!

What’s more, with its central location, generous portions and the helpful staff at your beck and call, “Mamacita” is soon to be Luxembourg City’s “must-go and be seen” spot!

Find another Mamacita in Differdange (4, place de Marché, +352 26 58 35 34).

Good Idea : Open every day (except on Sundays)! Look forward to sipping a refreshing drinking on their sunny terrace soon!


9, rue des Bains
L-1212 Luxembourg

 +352 26 26 23 96

 Mondays to Saturdays from 11.30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
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2 comment(s)
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  • Martine: 2014-10-31 23:15:35
    Cuisine pas vraiment exceptionnelle et service franchement mauvais. Les serveurs ne comprennent pas très bien le français, se trompent sur la commande et par la suite ont insisté qu'on paie; bref, fautes accumulées, prise de conscience zero. Entre autres, délai d'attente de 20 min + pour un cocktail. Se prennent pour un super établissement mais le personnel est trés désorganisé, impoli et arrogant. Un comportement correct aurait été de ne pas nous facturer pour les plats que nous n'avions pas commandées suite au 2e rappel sinon la moindre des choses , de nous offrir le café... Non. Rien. Rarement vécu une expérience semblable. Franchement, ne vaut pas le détour!


  • Canedy: 2013-10-23 10:41:20
    I am from the southwest ,USA. Being here in Luxembourg I will tell you, there isn't ANY Mexican food around.
    Mamcitas food was great!! Guacamole was great, tacos were small but tasty, frijoles (black beans) good.
    However, the margarita wasn't so great. Pricey and small. Service was friendly, slower than what Some expect, but it was fine. Overall- we are thrilled to have Mamacitas as our Mexican food option.
  • AmLux: 2013-06-25 11:25:25
    I am terribly disappointed by this restaurant. The service is HORRIBLE - slow, inattentive, and just plain rude! The drinks are OVERPRICED and wouldn't even be worth it at half the price charged. Sure, they may say they have good tequilas - too bad they don't actually put much of them in the drinks! My glass was half empty when it arrived! The food was good, but that simply cannot outweigh the bad service and lousy drinks. I would suggest going anywhere but here!




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