06 Nov 2015

Drink and Drive Luxembourg

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Drink and Drive Luxembourg offers a new twist on transportation, one that’s convenient, inexpensive, and easy to use.

Our service saves you the trouble of:

  • Planning how to get to and from an event
  • Money on a two way taxi
  • Being the designated driver
  • Time retrieving the car the next morning
  • Risking losing your license.


Here is how it works:

Call us at +352 691 46 46 48 or make a reservation via our website or on Facebook, then just drive to your event, enjoy your evening carefree and at the end of the night let US drive You home in the comfort of Your own car.

Worried about leaving your friends stranded? Don’t! Friends and family can benefit too as our service provides multiple drop offs on route to the final location. Never again will you miss a chance for a good time or pay a taxi to get your car back the next morning – Drink and Drive Luxembourg is your complete solution!

Good Idea : Call +352 691 46 46 48. We dispatch drivers to your location. We drive You AND Your car home. You drink, We drive!

Drink and Drive Luxembourg

 +352 691 46 46 48

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