01 Sep 2014

Luxembourg – History you can touch

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Luxembourg invites you to take an exciting journey into the past. The unique legacy hewn in stone on fortified towers, bastions and ramparts still defines the view of the city today. Plunge into the thousand-year old history of the former fortress city, which was once vaunted as being the “Gibraltar of the north”!

Here fortress architects from Burgundy, Spain, France, Austria and Prussia built and made Luxembourg into a real European stronghold. Since the Ancien Régime Luxembourg has thus been a hub for different nationalities which laid the foundations for the multicultural nature of the future capital city of the Grand Duchy.

Since 1994 the massive bulwarks, as well as the equally steeped in history old town, have belonged to the UNESCO World Heritage for mankind. The walk through the mythical and seemingly subterranean fortifications of the casemates or the view from the “most beautiful balcony in Europe” will fascinate you too. Other possibilities to discover Luxembourg: the City Promenade and the Wenzel Tour. Luxembourg – an encounter with an exciting past!

(source: LCTO)

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