16 Jul 2014


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One weekend a year the city centre bursts into fireworks of colourful performances that will sweep you up and make you feel playful, joyous, inspired, thoughtful and thoroughly entertained. This year a lot of gratis performances are dedicated to streetart.

Go with friends and family to see fantastic creatures on stilts, nimble, gymnasts, cheeky mimes, mesmerizing musicians and other artists who create this temporary world of poetry and magic.

It’s great fun in the early afternoons when it all gets started, and it takes on an even more magical feel at night, when flames and spotlights play their own roles in the shows.

Good Idea : Lot of shows!


Pedestrian zone

 +352 22 28 09

 From Saturday 8th of August to Sunday 9th of August from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. in Luxembourg-city.
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