23 Apr 2014

A bear-like Luxembourger to cuddle

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These “Luxembourgers” have really thick skin and are perfect for cuddling. But wait … before you wrap your arms around your acquaintances or one of your local friends, we offer you something original, the Luxembourgish “Teddybier” (Teddy Bear).

Luxembourger Renée Hatter creates these cute little furry fellows from design to finished teddy bear, voluntarily. It all began back in 1985 with the production of porcelain dolls, which now continues with the making of bears! The materials include decent cuts and fine furs, while the rest is produced with care and skillful workmanship at the home atelier in Luxembourg’s Uebersyren.

The bears produced by Hatter have been recognized by the likes of international expert juries. Recipients of several first prizes at the TED World Wide Award in the category Artist (use of mixed material undressed and Dresses) and first prize in the category Masterclass (Purely mechanics) Hatter and his crew have displayed a bear-like performance!

Good Idea : Since Renée Hatter only draws unique pieces, no bear is alike. Special requests from customers can also be catered to!
These fluffy fellows are crafted entirely by local craftsmanship!

Bieren aus Lëtzebuerg

39, rue de Beyren
L-5376 Uebersyren

 +352 35 53 22

 On appointement.
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