13 Jun 2014

Bring your “Melusina” home!

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For those of you enthralled with Luxembourg’s rich culture, you will eventually cross paths with “Melusina”, a legendary beauty whose ties with the local history are bound together mystically – at least according to legend. Want a piece of this legend? Then contact the “POPUP Studio” to get your own personal “Melusina”.

This creative workshop, based in Luxembourg, crafts the famous legend as a rag doll, utilizing both new as well as used materials. Further, the “POPUP Studio” also offers a selection of clothing and accessories for infants, teddy bears and decorative items, all produced with the utmost care and high quality standards.

ow that you’ve gotten a taste of what’s on offer, the next step is to log on to their online shop or visit Ben & Pepper at Luxembourg’s railway station district and purchase away!

Good Idea : Find the perfect gift from Luxembourg: the legendary "Melusina" as a cute rag doll.
The POPUP Studio utilizes processed and used materials.
Find all the products currently available on the POPUP studio’s online shop.
All products are designed and produced in Luxembourg by the POPUP Studio.
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