08 Sep 2015

Everything you need for ecological construction is at “Biobau”

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Organic food can be found in most shops these days. But if you also like to have organic products not just on your plate but also on your floor, walls, roof and facade, then the choice of experts is rather limited. In Munsbach you will find the unique shop “Naturata Biobau“ that specializes in ecological building, offering innovate products in all areas dedicated to ecological construction.

Kurt Bärtges, a trained construction biologist, explains that the organic products on offer take four aspects into consideration: no negative health effects, use of available resources, efficient use of the building products and a comfortable final living environment. For example, thermal renovation of your house can be done using insulation from the brand “Udi Reco Fassade“ rather than the common Styrofoam insulation. The wood fibers of this ecological insulation ensure a well-balanced wall temperature that prevents condensation from forming, which in turn helps to prevent mold. Besides other possibilities for in-house insulation, Naturata Biobau also offers natural paints that are free from all harmful substances. Amongst these for example are clay paints; a pure natural product consisting of clay and cellulose. Naturally you can mix each paint to produce your favourite colour.

A homely atmosphere can also be created by the many solid wood floorings on offer at Biobau. They come mainly from European forests, such as from Siegerland or the Bavarian Forest in Germany. Linoleum, cork- und carpet-coverings complete the offer. Kurt Bärtges explains that currently solid wood is all the rage, and if you would like to polish up your current wooden floor, you can find all the required grinding and polishing machines at Biobau (to buy or to rent).

Good Idea : Biobau has extensive experience in ecological construction and can give competent advice. Thanks to the cooperation with carpentry businesses, the professional finishing is completed and guaranteed at your place.
For a guaranteed good night’s sleep, at Biobau you can find a large selection of ecological mattresses, beds, covers and pillows.

Naturata Biobau

13, rue Gabriel Lippmann
L-5365 Munsbach

 +352 26 15 17 580

 Mondays to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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