19 Feb 2013

Minerals & Semiprecious stones

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Semiprecious stones & minerals are wonderful gifts from nature, created over billions of years. Their beauty and radiant power is fascinating young and old. Apart if their beauty,they can also relieve and heal lots of complaints and aches.There they don’t work like drugs but they help to solve blockades on the energetic base.

With our mobile shop, we would like to introduce you at home and maybe in company of a few friends, how you can easily profit of the healing properties.
We show you, how to make and use gem water and how to charge and discharge your minerals after use.

This demonstration will take a few hours and is for free. The host has 20% of discount on his purchase. Contact us for more information!

Good Idea : Wonderful, semiprecious stones in different forms from necklace to stage minerals for collectors & nature lovers.

Minerals & Semiprecious stones

Helperterwee 34
L-7418 Buschdorf

 +352 691 733 248

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