31 May 2017

Natural toys and furniture.

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If you like handcrafted furniture and toys and are also a fan of simple design with clear lines then we have just the thing for you: „Studio delle Alpi“ is a Luxembourgish company that combines all these things. Founded by two designers, one from the auto industry and the other from the communications sector, products are simple, original and all made from high quality European materials, part wood and part natural composites.

Both the traditional look and the soft colours create nostalgic feelings amongst the adult lovers of this brand, while the younger clientele will be amazed how fantastic it is to play with cars, elephants, rabbits and giraffes on wheels.

Besides toys, Studio delle Alpi also sells various pieces of furniture, including tables, stools and other decorative creations; like the toys, they are naturally simple and functional.

Good Idea : The toys give joy to little ones while awakening retro feelings in adults.
Only FSC-certified wood is used, with all colouring and dyes being water-based paints.

Studio delle Alpi

 +352 621 235 620

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