15 Feb 2013

Prismatic meets nature

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Which furniture trends await us in 2013? While the large furniture fairs have come and gone, Luxembourg’s furniture dealers have already received their first shipments of the new merchandise. The experts assure: bright ideas – a la style!

Although 2011 and 2012 pointed toward dominant colors, 2013 shifts toward original single units that are associated with some bright tints in contrast to the discreet environmental hues and textures. Blue is the hue of 2013: This trendy color appears frequently in combination with brown and beige. One thing is for certain: individuality is the key!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to color choice and interior decor, but don’t go overboard with that color wheel – style consistency is still in high demand, marking the second top requirement in the 2013 furniture market: sustainability. The use of natural materials and organically produced products not only benefit the environment and the conscience, but makes your home more comfy.

Want to discover more on new furniture trends up close? Find many stores on ameublement.lu!

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