17 Jun 2015

Artistic furniture or functional art?

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French native Tine Krumhorn designs imaginative living spaces in her Differdange studio. It all started with boxes: every now and then Tine had to pack her artifacts and sculptures, and send them on their way. As she wasn’t satisfied with the cardboard boxes that were usually available, she designed her own with loving care and skilled handy work – enabling her to wrap her creations in arty boxes before sending them on their way.

With time, the original cardboard boxes were refined to become pieces of furniture in their own right. Since then, she has been designing chests of drawers, tables, chairs, lamps, mirrors and wall decorations. She stayed faithful to cardboard, and combines this and other materials with such dexterity so they acquire a surprising stability and robustness. You will probably already know that it is very hard to describe art: best that you come and visit Tine Krumhorn’s studio to be surprised and impressed.

Good Idea : Much of her furniture is inspired by the classic 18th century French designs, but it will fit nicely in any tasteful modern flat.
Develop your very own personal item together with Tine, and take a unique piece of furniture home!

Atelier Tine Krumhorn @ 1535° Creativity Hub

115a, rue Emile Mark
L-4620 Differdange

 +352 691 128 589

 On appointement.
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