20 Jan 2016

“fnac” in the new “Royal-Hamilius” center from 2018

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There is still some time til then, but expectation is one of our biggest joys: “fnac” comes to Luxembourg! In France this is a real institution when it comes to entertainment products (mainly electronic gadgets, sound systems and books), making it the second most popular brand in France. In April 2018 the shop will open its doors to a 2.300 m² retail area in the newly completed “Royal Hamilius” city center, right in the heart of the capital.

The fnac sees itself as a totally customer focused and innovative company. The Luxembourgish branch won’t simply be a copy of French and Belgian shops; management explains it will be fully integrated into Luxembourg and will consciously adjust to the local market, promising to make it one of the best branches in the company. Various services will be on offer, including tickets sales for cultural events, holiday travels, and much more. Now this really is something to look forward to!

Good Idea : “fnac” will present itself with many innovative touches and offer a range of products to meet the needs of the cross-border customers. .

fnac / Royal-Hamilius

L-1118 Luxembourg

 From April 2018 on.
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