Marc Weydert

Marc Weydert

What does the Schoueberfouer personally represent to you?

The Schoueberfouer is something close to my heart! When you see how the large funfairs across Europe begin to diminish, one can be very proud of the “Fouer”’s track record. The fairground artists and vendors come from many European countries, and have been doing so for generations! We guarantee a healthy mix of restaurants, rides and stalls such as shooting galleries.

How long have you been working at the Schueberfouer and what is your role exactly?

I’ve been managing this funfair since 24 years, which was not a foreseen plan in the beginning, but life is full of surprises. I keep in touch with the fairground artists and vendors, and I take care of organizing the various funfair activities, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

What is the biggest challenge in your line of work?

Meanwhile, it must be said that it is most difficult to implement and respect the norms, regulations and safety standards set by the European regulatory bodies. It starts and ends with the labor laws, safety and hygiene regulations. At the end of the day, everything has to sit into place; otherwise the Schueberfouer will seize to exist – disappointing all visitors who look forward to this event each year!

Were there any particularly striking or unusual experiences over the years?

Back in the day, and occasionally still today – are the so-called sideshows, where outrageous things were presented, like the “headless woman” for instance. Quite an amusing sight – once there was a booth holding a huge snake that escaped just before the Fouer started. Luckily, the snake was recovered after a three day search and found along a footpath mistaken for a huge cable.

In your opinion, what does a perfect day at the Schouberfouer look like?

It all starts with a smart arrival. I can only recommend visitors not to immediately search for a parking spot at the Glacis during the first days. We have a free shuttle service from P & R lots, and many municipalities also offer special transfers by train and bus. Otherwise, the activities and rides at the Fouer are extremely diverse, making the choice difficult. Don’t miss out on the six new rides introduced this year or the “Family Day” offering attractive family packages at a bargain!

The Schouberfouer described in one sentence…

It’s one of the greatest local festivals in the world, as it unites people and amusement together to one venue: the true essences of the “Fouer” are its multi-nationality and closed market like feel!

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