28 Nov 2016

From local to international: original gifts from Luxembourg!

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Christmas shopping done already? If not, we have a few tips for you! When choosing a gift, the main criteria are originality and quality of the product. Shops in Luxembourg give you these two as well as a unique mix of local and international products.

In many of our “Good Ideas“, under the title “I love local”, we recommend local artists, producers and distributors. This is where you can find brands or products that are often only available in Luxembourg: from baby clothes through designer clothes to unique Luxembourgish cider.

The Grand Duchy thrives on this contrast and diversity, customers love interesting local products next to international brands.  The column “I love Europe“ presents Luxembourg’s multi-cultural aspect in commerce. How about an extraordinary Romanian wine, or some Portuguese, Scandinavian or British specialities!

Our good ideas provide you with many European gift ideas – internationally Luxembourgish as you would expect.


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