19 Sep 2013

Shop & Drop

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The “Shop & Drop” service allows users to deposit their personal items (such as purchases, bags, luggage, motorcycle clothing and helmets) for temporary safekeeping: simply drop these things off and pick them up later. Postal workers will personally collect items and hand them back later. If desired, the stored items can also be delivered to a specific address.

“Shop & Drop” offers the following options:

  • Self-collection: rent a locker for 3 €/day.
  • Delivery in Luxembourg: customers can have their items delivered to a specific address in Luxembourg.
  • Delivery to neighbouring countries: for shoppers living close to the borders, Michel Greco S.A. offers the option of having items delivered to an address in Germany, France or Belgium.


The “Shop & Drop” service will be available at the Accueil Philatélique (Philatelic Counter) rue de la Poste in the centre of Luxembourg, located on the left side of the main post building.



Good Idea : Available on open Sundays!

Shop & Drop

Rue de la Poste
L-1118 Luxembourg

 Mondays to Saturdays, from 10.30 to 18.30. Also be available on open Sundays.
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