Patricia Negri

Patricia Negri 2

What does the Schoueberfouer personally represent to you?

Joy, smiling faces – just having fun!

How long have you been working at the Schueberfouer and what is your role exactly?

I am in charge of the chalet at the Schueberfouer, since 6 years, in addition to selling souvenirs for the Fairground Association. The proceeds go to the “Kriibskrank Kanner” foundation.

What is the biggest challenge in your line of work?

Since our campaign benefits children with cancer and carries a very high reputation, I experience frequent interactions with people who come to my booth to discuss about the issue, which isn’t always easy. I gladly listen to them, because with all the joy at the Schueberfouer, one should keep in mind that our daily life is not always as colorful and fun.

Were there any particularly striking or unusual experiences over the years?

I know many people, some of who are virtually the Schoueberfouer regulars. One visitor passes by each year and for almost every day. I know him because he buys souvenirs of the Fouer from my booth. He has one of the most complete “Fouer” memorabilia collections that you can ever imagine. Sometimes, I sell him something new from time to time.

In your opinion, what does a perfect day at the Schouberfouer look like?

It’s the most fun when the sun is shining and the people are in a good mood! I can recommend the day on which there are rides for half price. Although there are always a lot of visitors and long lines, it’s hard to resist a good deal. Oh, and the variety of sweets and desserts – always something delicious.

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