Once upon a time … in the year 1340, no ultra-modern rides, nor a colorful carnival bustle, but a momentous moving decision marked history; John, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg (also known as John the Blind) called for a decree to hold a funfair on the 20th of October, lasting several days. Additionally, merchants on the trade route between Flanders and Italy would be able to trade with Luxembourg towards the end of their harvest season.

From a medieval fair to one of Europe largest fair events developed to date; entertainers and vendors arrive at the fairground from seven European countries. For many, the Schueberfouer (or “Funfair”) is the most awaited and attractive event of the year due to its duration of 20 days and its central location in the heart of Europe. Annually, approximately 2 million visitors come to the Schoueberfouer between late August and early September.

For over 400 years, the Schouberfouer takes place on the glacis, a large open space close to the Luxembourg City center and Kirchberg’s European commission and banking district, as well as in close proximity to the charming district of Limpertsberg. What to expect there? Over 200 different traditional and attractive funfair offers, including two roller coasters, among other thrilling rides, a gigantic Ferris wheel visible from afar and 12 major restaurants. Also, around 100 stalls and vendors in the Allée Scheffer, all promise a funfair and pure carnival vibe!

It goes without saying that such a famous event needs a mascot! This role is assumed by “Lämmy”, the Sheep. The character was created by artist Milli Schlesser and reminiscent of tradition and history of the Schueberfouer. Lämmy can be purchased in the form of various souvenirs. Furthermore, musicians open this grand event pulling sheep into the “Fouer”, all to the melody of the “Hämmelsmarsch”. Listen to an audio sample here.

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Visiting the Schueberfouer starts with a relaxed arrival. Information on the P&Rs and public transport can be found on the city of Luxembourg website.

Every day is a new adventure at the “Fouer”. Take a sneak peek at the fairground program on the Schueberfouer’s official website.

Find the Schueberfouer map here, to better orientate yourself.

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