15 Aug 2011

Hotel Simoncini

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Located not far from Place Guillaume II in city centre, this hotel mixes the art of sleeping with art itself by offering temporary art exhibitions in its art gallery.

Hotel Simoncini regularly displays the works of contemporary artists by making use of its uncluttered interior decorating and white walls. Art can be found on all of the hotel’s floors, from the reception area to the hotel rooms, in the hallways and in the breakfast area.

As the artwork is constantly changing, this is hotel is a real art gallery hotel. Enjoy your stay in Luxembourg!

Good Idea : For art lovers this is a mix of practical and beautiful.

Hotel Simoncini

6, rue Notre Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

 22 28 44
 26 26 29 00

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  • Peter Janik Starjeweller: 2011-11-24 01:23:25
    Very nice place to sleep. With gallery of modern art on the 1st floor and art pieces in the rooms.
    Hotel for modern sophisticated art fans.




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