28 Dec 2011

Pidal Walferdange

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“PIDAL” combines a spa retreat, fitness center, and overall wellbeing on demand! Tucked away in Walferdange, this diversified aquatic central point offers appealing cleansing rituals that stimulate the senses.

Its deep and shallow pools invite toward a tropical 32’C for ultimate swimming pleasure. Its modern Wellness facilities range from the classic sauna and oriental steam room, to a Finnish style wood-benched sauna with a cool refreshing plunge pool and ice-fountain.

More awaits you; Combine a float in the salt water pool, first-class beauty and massage treatments with sips from the tea-fountains and rest at a tranquil spot by the open fireplace where luxury encircles the treatment suites. Make the most of the fitness lounge and enjoy a healthy bite at the restaurant.

Good Idea : Indulgence factor: Organize a relaxing sauna session with friends at one of the themed Spa-suites!

Pidal Walferdange

rue des Prés
L-7246 Walferdange

 +352 33 91 72 1

 Have a look at the Pidal website!
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