20 Oct 2014

Relax and Unwind – Wellness in Luxembourg

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With autumn and winter approaching once again, it brings with it the season of wellness and relaxation! As the darkness envelopes the short days and lousy weather befalls us, there’s nothing like relaxing in a hot tub, sweating out the week’s stresses at the sauna or enjoying the cozy warmness of a steam bath.

The Grand Duchy offers a range of perfectly designed modern and traditional spa facilities which allow for maximum relaxation – Unwind your mind, body and soul! Make the most of the sauna bars for their appealing selection of drinks and snacks. Before you ask yourselves whether to (bathing) suit up or not … here’s the answer: … In Luxembourg it is customary to take a sauna in the nude!

We’ve selected and recommended several “Good (health and wellness) Ideas”, and look forward to your good ideas too!

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